During his many years as a reporter, Ted shot thousands of photographs. His stories and photographs were published in some of the most well known and respected newspapers and magazines around the world (i.e. New York Times, Washington Post, The Age, Newsweek, The Bulletin, Time Magazine, Der Spiegel, Bunte Illustrierte, Profil, ...). Here are some examples of his large collection of photographs.

Simon Wiesenthal

Former Chancellor
of Germany
Helmuth Schmiedt

Writer Tom Stoppard

Former President
of Egypt
Anvar Saddat

Polish science-fiction
writer Stanis³aw Lem

Andrey Gromyko

Former Chancellor of Germany Willy Brandt

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

Richard Nixon

Danny Kaye

Simon Peres

Caspar Weinberger

Former Chancellor of Austria
Dr Bruno Kreisky

Pope John Paul II
Melbourne 1986

Pope John Paul II
- Warsaw 1979

Pope John Paul II
Australia - Darwin 1986

Pope John Paul II
Australia - 1986

Pope John Paul II
Austria - Vienna 1983

Norodom Sihanouk

Indira Gandhi

Franz Joseph Strauss

Princess Diana

Princess Diana

Monique Sihanouk

White House - President
Ronald Reagan meets
Austrian Chancellor
Bruno Kreisky

Prince Charles
with Princess Diana

Queen of Sweden

King & Queen
of Sweden - 1981

Former President of Austria Rudolf Kirchschläger

Former Foreign Minister
of Australia Alexander Downer

Niki Lauda

Jeff Kennett

Muammar Gadaffi

Muammar Gadaffi

Former President
of Egypt Hosni Mubarak

Former German
Foreign Minister
Hans Dietrich Genscher

George Bush (Senior)

King of Spain Juan Carlos

Leonid Breshnev

John Hewson

Charles Aznavour

Prince Norodom Sihanouk
with his son

Dr Horace Gallup
Founder of the Gallup Institute

Jerzy Grotowski

Hearth surgeon
Christian Barnard

Short selection of Ted's cover story's

Few personal photographs

With the Pope John Paul II
Bangkok 1984

With Simon Wiesenthal -
Vienna 1982

Interview with Sam Neill

Golden Triangle

Italy 1979 - after erthquake
Avelino & Teora

Interview with the King & Queen
of Sweden - 1981

With hearth surgeon Christian Barnard
and his wife Barbara - Austria 1981