The beginnings of the publishing and multimedia firm PUMA MEDIA date back to August 1986 when it published the first issue of the illustrated monthly magazine
TU I TAM (Here And There). Its founder and editor-in-chief, was today’s Puma Media proprietor - Ted Matkowski - who for many years worked as a reporter for the Austrian news weekly Profil, and was the founder of the Vienna-based international press agency, Matt Press.

By 1988, the company grew to include a state-of-the-art graphic design studio and modern printing facilities. Called Halrod Press, it changed its name, initially to Puma Printing Works and subsequently to PUMA PRESS.

PUMA PRESS was not only involved in the publishing and printing works in Australia but also for export. Presenting a large range of books, magazines, catalogues, coloured postcards which included a specific series on Pope John Paul II and a very well known series of Australian postcards entitled The Face of Australia. In addition to its large range of books published in the English language, Puma Press had an extensive range of books printed in the Polish language.

In 1994 PUMA PRESS expanded into the area of the Arts and Performances by promoting Polish Artists to the Australian public. This area also included the promotion of Polish films under the name of Puma Film. In April of 2005 PUMA MEDIA emerged combining PUMA PRESS and PUMA FILM. Incorporated under the PUMA MEDIA banner are:

w Satellite distribution of Polish Television & Radio in Australia, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea
w Satellite distribution of TVP Polonia in Australia, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea
w Satellite distribution of TVN International in Australia, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea
w Television and Film production
w Film distribution
w Polish Film Festival in Australia